Ruby Gemstone
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Ruby pictures sometimes look real good

in particular when it is a jewelry pics with some diamonds as add on which produce sparkling and fire.

Ruby photos on this page show the life of rubies from mining to the end product. Mining is done in Mogok Myanmar, sorting is done in the country and cut and polishing is also done in Burma.

But very often in Thailand's Bangkok and Chanthaburi south of Pattaya, this relative small town is one of the top gem trade center in the world, its amazing but its true, most of the people don't know it. Ruby pics and rubies images tell more.

But it is necessary to be careful since many ruby pics are digitally enhanced to produce a better pics and to take the bluish shade out which is rather inherent to most rubies.


Methods of ruby mining are open cut, artesian and tunnel mines. Depending on the size and capital outlay for the mine, the
gem bearing soil is dug by machines or manually.
Ruby Stones in Crystal people mogok myanmar burma Mogok Ruby Mine
Natural Rubies Natural Rubies Natural Rubies

Beside of Mogok 

another mining area has been established in 1992 this is Mong Hsu Gemsland. This was a small town in upper Myanmar and after the declaration by the government a bonanza was started now there are already more than 500 companies working in gem mining gems at around 2000 plots.

The main gemstone bearing area is at Loi Sating Htawk mountain, about 12 km from Mong Hsu town. Usually the government grants mining rights on around 60sqm for 3 years. Higher prices are asked for plots reputed for high quality gemstones.

High valued mines

are at Loi Saung Htauk Hill with ruby bearing marble, large holes are dug up to extract these marbles after they are broken apart to extract rubies. Rough rubies obtained from these "Ge Twin" or holes are highly valued.

Miners also dug up "Lu Twin" which sometimes are around hundred meters deep. These ' Lu Twins ' are naturally created caverns of lime stones. The rubies fall away from marbles due to erosion from underground streams. Pieces of rubies may be embedded in the sands and pebbles of these 'Lu Twins'.

Many precious stones were dug up from "Lu Twins" but prices offered are lower than those obtained from marbles. "Ge Twins" and " Lu Twins" are dug up over the hills while some people search for rubies in the stream at the base of the hill. Everything looks a bit crude but lots of money is being made in this areas. They virtually just bring the hills down, which finally wont matter anyway since this are simple bare hills, no much vegetation.

Mogok Mines
Mogok Mines are the Myanmar standard
Mong Hsu Ruby Mines
Mong Hsu Ruby Mines are not very well known
Ruby Stones
Ruby gemstones just from the mine in rough form
natural ruby
Natural ruby at Mogok and plenty of uncut and
loose rubies are around, very special are
Star Rubies
Star Rubies and sapphires.
Ruby Jewelry Pictures
Ruby Diamond Gold Necklace
Diamond Gold Necklace


Ruby rings, earrings and broach jewelry
Rings, earrings and broach jewelry,
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