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    Ruby Mine & Gem Mining


Rubies and sapphires

are found at the same place since they are more or less the same material only with a different color. Mining gemstones at Mogok in upper Burma about 200km north of Mandalay is done by different ethnic groups. There are Lisu, Shan, Bamar, Ghurkas, Chinese and other who do the hard digging work the Chinese usually are the gem trader who buy the precious stones.

Mining Rubies at Mogok

is good business they are in high demand all over the world to create jewelry since they have a good quality, not so many inclusions, good color and thatís more or less the only place in the world where from time to time bigger sized gems (over about 10mm) of good quality are found, this is very rare and because of this the finder usually gets rich overnight, many people had some luck and got very wealthy that way.

  Ruby Mine
Mining the old fashion way at Mogok and at a bit more sophisticated at
Mong Hsu.
This are natural gemstones,

the other type of stone is the one coming from the lab, thatís a synthetic stone which also looks quite good even better than a natural because there are no inclusions and the color can be manipulated.

Gem Mine
Gravel sorting, this are the leftovers but from time to time some gems are discovered

Mining Rubies
Rough rubies at he market in Mogok

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