Imperial Jade
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Imperial Jade jewelry & green jade


Imperial Jade jewelry & green jade is coming from Myanmar or Burma and twice per year a jewelers dream becomes true at the emporium in Yangon with imperial or green jade and jewelry for sale and other gemstones also available. On display are slabs of various color and sizes, shining star sapphires, luscious golden pearls and rare pigeon’s blood rubies.

Rough jadeite gemstones

blocks ranged from a small fist size rocks with deep green prized at about US$300,000 to a two-ton boulder of light green stone lined with dark veins for abou US$180,000.

All kind of related items and jewelry are also available. Beautiful translucent material in all kind of shades. Deep green and white rings, sculptures depicting mythological figures, and marvelous items. Some animals of different sizes plus plenty of information is available.

Products on display are  overwhelming, all varieties are available at the emporium, such as stone and rocks fresh from the mines. If you like blue, than this is the wrong address or you take lapis lazuli, almost all blue jade comes Latin America such as Honduras and the countries around.

Beside of carved dragons, bangles, pendants and other objects are rubies, sapphires and more, its easy to find the ideal gift. Jewelry made from the mineral is often said to come from China, but there is no jadeite, all this comes from across the border.


This gemstones  is a very tough mineral and because of this it is used since ancient times, on the other hand it is very difficult to handle. Although people always refer to carving when forming the stone this is actually done by drilling.
Mainly found as huge boulders or as “river jade” washed away as it is with gold. The problem is to find out how this looks inside. At places such as the biannual Emporium in Myanmar they cut the boulders and smaller stones to see what’s inside otherwise it would be too risky to pay the huge sums the producers are asking for good material, read more.

Colors are amazing divers almost every shade is available from pure white to absolute black. Interesting variations are multicolor items. Since most jadeite has some colored veins running through the stone is quite normal to see them.

On the other hand this is also a price factor the more homogeny the piece is the more expensive it is, this is a important factor beside clarity, translucency and texture.

You can easily imagine the whole when checking the pictures.

Bangles and other items pictures show some of the most popular jewelry the stone are used for. This kind of body decoration are together with bracelets the most popular. They have a good size to be seen, great colors and come in a very wide price range. From around $ 10,- for a genuine one (no yoke) in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon up to several thousand dollars for a transparent item with a nice color and texture. It's really amazing when looking into this price differences, looking at the parameter it is clear why, read more.

jade rings jadeite rings

jade buddha pictures
Jade Buddha Pictures

jade shop
Jade Shop

jadeite jewelry
Jadeite Jewelry

Jade Pendant
Jade Pendants

Jade Bangles

Jade Art


Want to do some shopping for this gem? probably the best is in Yangon at the Bogyoke Market. This market is the biggest for jadeite on earth and they have real genuine stuff, see the pictures below.

Green Jade
Green  cabochons polished
green gemstones
A green Jade gem is the dream of many women
Jadeite Jewelry
Necklace with diamonds
Jade Buddha Statues

Imperial Jade Buddha Statues with Translucency
Buddha Sculpture
Reclining Jade Buddha Sculpture
Green jade is the most popular color

High prices can be fetched similar to rubies and sapphire and even diamonds when all positive parameter come together.

Good quality minerals get top rates especially when they have a great shade, this rocks are really amazing.

This vary from a few dollars for a pendant or a pretty bangle all the way up to the Buddha statue or other sculpture maybe a meter high or more for several thousands dollars. There are probably more than 60 shops offering different items.

An oriental bazaar and a real treasure trove, every imaginable item is available such as sculptures, carved landscape scenery, jewelry, bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains and more.

This is the base material for fine jewelry and other body decoration, most statues and artwork are made in China and this stones have a somehow mystic aura. Many Chinese people interpret properties and  ideas into it, superstition never dies. Currently (2013) prices are rising and it become lucrative to search for new deposits and they are found. In the USA, New Zealand and elsewhere, but as indicated before this are all Nephrite and there is still enough material waiting to be mined.

The color is not only green, almost every is available but emerald with a high level of translucency or transparency has the highest value.

Processing is mainly done in China, Taiwan and Myanmar, there are mines in various parts of the world with deposits of nephrite but the other "good stuff" is only mined in Burma's Kachin State.

Jadeite sculpture such as Buddha, dragon

and mythical things are very decorative in any home. this are the second most items made from the gem after jewelry, it is an asset in any home with an exotic and very valuable touch.

Buddha statues, mythical figures and Hindu gods are on sale. This creations show the prosperous background of the owner since some of them could be even more expensive than the latest Ferrari.

The artwork reflects the owner of the house and naturally statues are also placed in other environments such as temples. Probably the most prominent is the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai. The statues where brought to the city by a Buddhist monk from Myanmar as most raw stones for carvings made in China the artists there breath virtual life into the sculpture, their craftsmanship of working with different materials is well known.

Prices are high starting around $ 1000,- for a 15cm tall Buddha with a good green color up to $ 50.000,- for a 60cm high sculpture.

Rough Jadeite
Buy Rough Jadeite at Yangon Emporium

Laughing Jade Buddha Pictures
Buddha statues
Jadeite carvings
Imperial jade carvings are very decorative
Green Jade Slabs

Green jade slabs
  jade art jade art

This is a typical version of Chinese arts and craft. It's amazing what craftsmen are able to carve out of this extremely hard stone.

Actually the workshop which created the items at the left is in Mandalay. There are enough artists in  the country to make the same quality items as the guys across the northern border.

But no question Chinese have the best reputation in creating this artistically items. They do this since several thousand years and they know what they do.

jadeite buddha statue
Jadeite Buddha statue

Typical are laughing Buddha statues

Other are dragon sculptures, elephant statues, empire lion statue, horses and more. Considering the hundreds of year old tradition in China of smuggling to avoid the taxes (not only there) to the emperors its no wonder that a majority of this trade is done by smuggling.

After the most preferred color is white and lavender, there are some more colors such as purple, yellow and brown 

jade horses
Nephrite jade horses
but the majority is emerald or imperial green. This are some parameter which are valid since several thousands years and probably also for the future. Since people want quality and genuine material that wont change any time soon.

imperial jade and more

Chinese mine at Hotan
Nephrite Chinese Jade Mine at Hotan




Jade colors
Imperial jade stone can be used for various body decoration

 the other heavenly stone
The other heavenly stone

Jadeite Chains
Green Jade Chains, pendants and more


Jade mine

Jewelry is often combined with platinum, white gold and sometimes silver since this neutral light shade complements the gems supportive, means it won’t take away the show.

Beside of the attractive shades carvings are also very popular but its not as easy to find good carvings with the right color.

The mineral is very rare and can easily become prohibitive expensive, maybe not so expensive for a newly rich since they are on a virtual “ precious stones trip”.

Since 2012 prices are rising dramatically and all jewelry shops in China, Taiwan, Singapore etc. sales people tell, buy now! because the mineral  is running out of resources, which is not true, its only told by shop clerks to do a quick deal and justify the high price.

There is a lot of not so nice stuff going on out there. Since all people always talk about green jade which is finally the imperial jadeite it shouldn’t be forgotten that this mineral comes in many colors, actually in all colors.

Most popular is emerald or spinach green, evenly colored and translucent somehow transparent a bit like water fetches the highest prices. This mineral has number 7 on Mohs scale in terms of hardness, a diamond has 10, so it’s quite hard but it still can break.

Singapore jade shop
Singapore jade shop at Sands Casino Shopping Mall
Kuala Lumpur Jade Shop
Kuala Lumpur Jade Shop at the Central Market
jade bangles
Jade bangles at Yangon's Bogyoke Market

Green Jade Buddha

are preferred sculptures to buy, this is the preferred color, plus lavender, purple and white, but most other colors are available too. Non translucent bangles start at around $ 10,- at the Bogyoke Market.

Be aware that people developed a process to make cheap bangles and other items look like very expensive ones by injecting some kind of chemicals and resins with very high pressure into the stone. That means when you are shopping for any item over more than $ 1000,- take a expert with you, just hire one and let him or her check because they know what you don't know.

Green jadeite bracelets
Jewelry and jade gemstones

is one of two different minerals, nephrite is the other. Nephrite is usually what is called Chinese jade and what is also mined in other countries. The real good stuff is jadeite and this is mined in Kachin State only. The mineral there has better properties than nephrite in terms of hardness, translucency, color and texture. The thing is most people don’t know these differences. Nephrite is and was mined in China and other countries on the globe.

Chinese buy the green stone in Burma, export or smuggle them back home and once the material is there, usually Yunnan it becomes local. Now it gets creative and they breath virtually life into

Imperial Jade
Imperial Jade Pendant

the stone.

Jadeite has a much higher value than nephrite it comes in various colors and transparencies such as lavender, white, green, bluish and the whole rainbow spectrum in between.

The deep green variation is the Imperial Jade. The Moh scale ranking is 7, Nephrite is 6.5 and Diamond is 10.

The best is with translucency, reflective polished and deep green. This are real jewelry items not only for fashion, a great bangle with all this positive properties indicated can fetch a price from between $ 1000,- to $3000,- or even more.

Jadeite Stone

green jade pendant
Pendants are beautiful and a very attractive body decoration
green jade sculpturing

Some of the most expensive items are Buddha statues.

They look very beautiful and because of the size it needs quite a sizable piece to carve them out. The prices will skyrocket if a higher amount of translucency is required.

It shows the diversity how it can be used and the value. Since all this is more or less only achieved with jadeite as base material it makes sense to visit the country if you like to do a substantial investment.

Today most sculpturing is done in China with material from south of the border simply because there is the biggest market, this wont mean that local artists cant produce the same quality and artwork.

Its amazing what kind of rocks, boulders, stones etc. are found there every day, this area must have been touched by the gods when mother earth was formed, its somehow similar to South Africa and the diamonds and Columbia and the emeralds.

Green Jade Buddha Statues
jadeite rocks
Jade Cabochons

Imperial Jade Horse
Imperial Jade Horse from Kandawgyi Hotel Yangon

Imperial Jade Sculpture

Jade Buddha

Laughing Buddha Laughing Buddha made from Jadeite Imperial Jade Carving

Buddha Sculpture from Jadeite

Buddha Sculpture Carved Jadeite
Buddha sculpture from carved jadeite

Imperial Jade Carving
Imperial Jade Carving from Bogyoke Aung San Market Yangon

Imperial Jade Carving

Imperial Jade Carving
Carving are often real artwork

Imperial Jade Buddha
A imperial Jade Buddha looks very impressive

Green Jade Bangle
Cheap Bangles
Genuine Jade
Genuine mineral, there are plenty of treated items where the objects deteriorate after around 3 years.
Green Jade Diamonds
With diamonds and goldJadeite carving

Jadeite carving is an art Chinese are masters to create this sculptures

The problem is there are no real value parameter as it is with diamonds and other precious stones, there is plenty space for interpretation and because of this cheating is often happening. The current situation is that every sales person tell anything but it is not verifiable it can be or it cant be. This situation means be very careful when buying a expensive bangle, the bangles pictured at right side are all over $ 2000,- and more.

On the low end cheap bangles

can be purchased in shops at Yangon Bogyoke Market, the premier jade market in the world, for as little as $10,- and more. The difference is this jadeite has no translucency, crude colors and textures, but that is genuine. When buying high end items better take a specialist with, they are available, because he or she know what you don’t know.

Jadeite has a long history,

Taiwan e.g. was trading Jadeite and nephrite already up to 4000 years ago. Trade in this mineral was a thriving business. The items even reached Southeast Asia already 2000 years ago when the mines in China were not exhausted.

Green jade jadeite from Feng Tian in east Taiwan was popular and was shipped all over the region including the Philippines. Items were found in Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Analyzing Jadeite

with modern equipment shows that the chemical composition shows the origin.

Carving products between 500 BC and 500 AD, means earrings, beads and other show plenty of similarities in the whole region such two headed animals.

Excavations showed that around 3000 BC workshop where busy in Feng Tian. The minerals found in the Philippines from around 2000 BC could be traced to that workshops.

Expensive Green Jade Bangle
Expensive bangles always look good
Green Jade Bracelets

Bracelets in various colors are very attractive
Green Jade Rings

Rings with green gemstones plus gold and silver

Green Jade Carving is often real art


Since jewelry sale is booming people try to find some standardization to put certain realistic price tags on the stone.

Missing standard not only affects the sale on auction since there is no clear evaluation system means a realistic price figure is difficult to estimate.

The price evaluation is complicated and done mainly by expert assessment, but often all this experts have a  different definition of the same piece. These non transparent factors shy away plenty of people to buy, read more.

Jadeite is not so easy to classify such as Diamonds e.g. they have a excellent evaluation system since diamonds single crystal standardization parameter are more easy to apply.

Buddha Jade Pendants

This is a polycrystalline stone means different and more complex. The "6C" are developed, means color, structure, clarity, cut, transparency and other identification of so called - race, water, color, workers and other. Since there is no jadeite standard it can be quite difficult to buy the stones or jewelry, especially with high quality.

It wont matter if buying a bracelet, a bangle or other items such as hand carved or a Buddha, the problem of evaluation is always the same.
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